Earlier this year, I decided to launch a new brand of meditation music dubbed Brainwave Booster to provide tools and resources for personal growth, stress relief, zen meditation, relaxation, and numerous other needs facing society. While there exists no small gap in the number of competitors making meditation music, I decided to jump in. I’ve been creating my own sessions for years. Why not give it a shot? Continue reading Adventures in Brainwave Entrainment

Knowing how and where to properly use keywords on your website is extremely important for your SEO efforts and SERP results. One you have discovered how to format your web pages for SEO and have found the keywords you wish to use, the next step is to use the keywords on your website in the correct areas. In this brief article, I will explain a few of the key areas you will need to insert your keywords to maximize your SEO. Continue reading How to Use Keywords on Your Website

One of the most misunderstood elements of SEO and website design as a whole is the process of actually getting the search engines to index your website. You will read numerous tips from many different “experts”, all saying different things and pointing out how you can get immediately indexed by Google, Bing, and others. First of all, there is no way to force instant indexing. Period. Search engines will index your website at their own pace and at their own discretion, however, there are 7 steps you can take in order to get in Google fast and ensure that your valuable website content is indexed as accurately and as quickly as possible. Continue reading 7 Steps to Help You Get in Google Fast