Just a brief recap from my blog at betougher.com, a topic of motivation if you will. A bit of thought, if you will. Above all else, a question. The question is “what did you resolve to do this year”? An even better question is why did you make a resolution? Why not make a New Year’s manifesto instead?

Write a Manifesto Instead

As I stated in my previous post on BeTougher, a resolution is only a personal “resolve” that something is not right. Usually, a resolution is something simple, not motivating, and lacking drive like “I need to lose weight” or “I need to earn more cash”. Those are merely preferences. Without an action plan in place to achieve them, you won’t.

This is why only 8% of the people that make resolutions actually achieve them, according to the University of Scranton (Why they would waste time studying that is beyond me). If you look at the list, you notice the key resolutions are the same ones you see every year and the reason Planet Fitness rakes in the dough from all of the failures each January through March.

You must write a manifesto. Now a cliche term in personal growth, the word Manifesto has been turned into an internet phenomenon in the same fashion as Carpe Diem. If you care at all about your life, then you certainly do not want to be just another 8% failure following a flock of internet memes. Writing a manifesto can sometimes cure our tendency to be all dream and no action. To write a manifesto, you must be willing to take action.

How to Write a Manifesto

Writing a manifesto does not have to be difficult. Listen up slackers, a manifesto IS NOT some silly little graphic with a shitload of motivational aspirations on it. This is NOT what you need to do. This method of writing a manifesto only reinforces your laziness.

Look at the powerful manifestos in history – The Communist Manifeso, Mein Kampf, and even Brendon Burchard’s Motivation Manifesto are good places to begin. Did these author’s make some stupid meme graphic with a bunch of foolery on it? No. They put in the work.

You need to convince and reprogram your mind into success. This is why you write a manifesto. Outline your goals in sentence and paragraph format and explain WHY you wish to achieve them. These need to be things you MUST accomplish. It must be a burning desire.

Once you get your goals and direction in place, begin coming up with an appropriate plan of action for how it will get done. This does not have to be perfect, in fact, the key is to simply do it. Things change. Shit happens. You learn to deal with it and conquer. This is why you must write a manifesto. Your life is simply too valuable to leave to chance.

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